Uni La Salle

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Year of foundation: 2000
Approx. number of students: 2,250
Period of study: Early August-Mid December; Early February-Early July
MCI partner since: 2007

The City

Niterói is a municipality in the state of Rio de Janeiro, southeast region of Brazil. This city was founded on November 22, 1573 by the Tupi Amerindian chief Araribóia (who later was converted to Roman Catholicism and given the Christian name of Martim Afonso, after the Portuguese explorer Martim Afonso de Sousa). It makes Niteroi the only Brazilian city to have been founded by a non-Christian, non-assimilated Brazilian Amerindian. Niterói has approx. 500,000 inhabitants.

The University

Lasallian educational institutions are educational institutions affiliated with the Institute of the Brothers of the Christian Schools, also known as the De La Salle Brothers or the De La Salle Christian Brothers, a Roman Catholic religious teaching order founded by French Priest Saint Jean-Baptiste de la Salle who was canonized in 1900 and proclaimed by the Vatican in 1950 as Patron of All Teachers. The De La Salle Brothers, assisted by more than 73,000 lay colleagues, teach over 900,000 students in 80 countries.



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