Summer School: Start-Up Management

Target Group

Students from all departments interested in founding or working in a start-up are invited to participate.



  • Start-up basics: definitions, characteristics and the life cycle of a start-up
  • Understanding and defining your product or service
  • Defining and approaching your market
  • Building organizations (value chain / founder & team / culture)
  • Financial and legal issues



Founding a start-up and also working in one has emerged as a real career opportunity. Due to their charac-teristics, start-ups have their own way of doing things when looking at processes, tools and particularly mindsets that are important to understand when pursuing a career in this field.

During this summer school students will get to know the most important tools and practices that are specific to the everyday life of a start-up. This includes understanding the real problem to be solved, defining a promising market and selling a product or service to your customers by delivering it the way your audience group is expecting it. The acquired competences will be applied in a written assignment at the end of the summer school.

Thus, students will

  • develop an understanding of the characteristics of start-ups and their life cycle
  • understand what to take into consideration when shaping a product
  • understand how to come up with the right go-to-market strategy
  • learn the mechanics of a company and how its value chain is functioning
  • learn which financial and surrounding topics need consideration to build a solid ground
Short Facts
  • Date: 29. + 30.03.2023, 05.30 - 08.00 pm
    03. + 04.04.2023, 09.00 am - 04.00 pm
    05.04.2023, 09.00 am - 04.45 pm
    06.04.2023, 09.00 am - 04.00 pm
    07.04.2023, 09.00 am - 01.00 pm
  • Format: Online - MCI Webinar, 41 TU, 3,5 ECTS
  • Costs: EUR 150,-
  • Lecturer: Desiree Wieser, Benjamin Suitner
  • Group size: Max. 20 participants
  • Methodology: Lecture, presentations
  • Language: English
  • Badge: Start-Up Management
  • Venue: Online Classroom

Registration for this career event starts on February 01, 2023!

Online Registration

Online Registration Badges

Students who participate in a Badge program are kindly asked to register for this career event only via:

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