Summer School: Entrepreneurship for Sustainable Development

Target Group

All MCI students



  • Introduction to sustainable development
  • Futures Thinking for Education for Sustainable Development
  • Mindset, Culture and People
  • Business Models & CSR
  • Financing & financial planning
  • Business planning & pitch training



This course is designed to prepare learners for entrepreneurial activity that is aligned with sustainable development, i.e. that creates value and impact with direct societal and/or environmental benefits. Entrepreneurship for sustainable development aims to develop solutions for the societal, environmental and economic challenges the world is facing today. Learners in this course will be engaged in activities that strengthen their abilities as sustainable entrepreneurs, both on a personal and a business-related level. In particular, the course is designed to provide theoretical and practical input that will assist participants in the planning and development of their own entrepreneurial projects geared at contributing to the SDGs.

Learning goals: The program aims to provide learners with practical and relevant competences and learning input related to entrepreneurship in the context of sustainable development. Theoretical input is immediately applied using real life examples of SDG-related micro-projects. Some of the students may already have concrete projects they are working on. The learning approach therefore focuses on the implementation or practical application of the content covered.

Short Facts
  • Date: 08. - 12.05.2023, 01.30 - 05.30 pm
  • Format: Online - MCI Webinar & Online Course, 40 TU, 3,5 ECTS
  • Costs: EUR 130,-
  • Lecturer: Regina Obexer, Desiree Wieser, Benjamin Suitner, Antje Bierwisch, Matthias Monreal
  • Group size: Max. 30 participants
  • Methodology: interactive webinar and self-paced-learning
  • Language: English
  • Venue: Online Classroom

Registration for this career event starts on February 01, 2023!

Online Registration

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