Selling yourself for the right job

Target group

Students who are in the process of applying for an internship, semester abroad, scholarship, further study place, or for those preparing for the first job application



  • Your values and interests
  • Personal strengths and weaknesses
  • Matching jobs / studies to personal attributes and competences
  • Compiling personal profiles and CVs
  • Cover letters



Not only in the application process does the importance of knowing one’s strengths and weaknesses arise, but also for continual personal-development and lifelong learning is it vital to attain the skills for self-reflection and assessment. As we tend to use only a fraction of the potential within us at most of the time, make use of these two workshop units, comprising a multitude of exercises, tricks and ideas as well as suggestions of how to bring that potential out in us. You will learn to recognize your personal strengths and weaknesses and learn how to use this knowledge to your advantage in order to win over your interviewers, or prospective employers, in an interview.
Furthermore, as CVs are essentially what enables a potential employee / applicant to secure that all-important first interview, major emphasis will be put on learning how to develop and tailor that interview-winning CV and personal profile, to you and to any application you decide to make throughout your career.


Short Facts
  • Date: 20.10. + 03.11.2022, 5.30 - 9.30 pm
  • Format: Face-to-Face - Seminar, 2 x 5 TU
  • Costs: EUR 30,-
  • Lecturer: Alexander Neil Macdonalds
  • Group size: max. 20 participants
  • Methodology: Interactive lecture, individual consultation, group discussions and role-plays
  • Language: English
  • Badge: International Career Skills
  • Venue: MCI I, Universitaetsstrasse 15

Registration for this career event starts on September 20, 2022!

Online Registration

Online Registration Badges

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