Winter School: Digital Marketing - an introduction

Target Group

Students with interest in digital marketing.



  • The Foundations of digital marketing
  • SEO and paid search strategies
  • Social Media Marketing
  • E-Mail-Marketing
  • Web Analytics



This introduction to Digital Marketing (exclusively online and self-paced) explores how to harness the power of digital within the context of a marketing strategy. You will gain a fundamental understanding of the core principles of digital marketing, and be able to distinguish between traditional and digital techniques.

In this course we will provide you various microlectures to gain an understanding of creating and implementing effective digital marketing campaigns. It also introduces the fundamental aspects of digital marketing and covers areas including search, digital display, email and social media marketing, as well as analytics.

After attending this course, participants will understand the basics of digital marketing. In addition, the participant will know how to conduct ongoing analysis and measurement in order to manage and evaluate digital marketing efforts. The online seminar contains different teaching methods, such as microlectures, quizzes, online forum discussions, case studies, etc.

Short Facts
  • Date: 09.01. – 24.02.2023, self paced learning
    01. + 15.02.2023, 05.30 - 06.15 pm, Q&A session
  • Format: Online Course, 40 TU, 3,5 ECTS
  • Costs: EUR 150,-
  • Lecturer: Peter Schwazer, Florian Juen, Christiane Aufschnaiter, Johannes Jobst
  • Group size: Max. 40 participants
  • Methodology: microlectures, online forum discussion, case studies, quizzes
  • Language: English
  • Badge: Digital Marketing, eCommerce | Basics
  • Venue: Online Classroom

Registration for this career event starts on September 20, 2022!

Online Registration

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