How to build a personal website

Target group

MCI students with no experience in creating websites that are interested in building a personal and/or professional website, with a particular focus on using this website for their career development.



  • The first personal website: goals, advantages, formats
  • Available tools and their functions
  • Main principles of web design
  • Content elements
  • Legal aspects to consider when setting up a website



Building out your own a fully functioning and nicely designed website isn’t rocket science anymore. It is quite easy actually, even for those who hasn’t had very much experience with computers.

This seminar is aimed at beginners and provides initial insight into the process of planning and designing of a website. The participants will learn about different website formats and get familiar with practical and freely accessible tools as well as their basic functions. Furthermore, participants get to know the basics of good web design and discuss which contents are best suited for the first website, especially in the context of its use for a career start. Important information on legal aspects such as data protection and copyright will also be briefly addressed.

Short Facts
  • Dates: 14.12.2022, 05.30 - 08.45 pm
  • Format: Online - MCI Webinar, 1 x 4 TU
  • Costs: EUR 15,-
  • Lecturer: Lyubov Stafyeyeva
  • Group size: max. 15 participants
  • Methodology: Lecture in combination with examples and exercises
  • Language: English
  • Badge: Digital Communication, Self Marketing
  • Venue: Online Classroom

Registration for this career event starts on September 20, 2022!

Online Registration

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