Digital Learning Opportunities

Target Group

Students of all study programs at MCI who are interested in finding out about the wide range of digital learning opportunities available to them to enhance their learning and professional development.



  • Digital learning defined: What are we talking about?
  • Digital learning formats: MOOCs, OERs, social media, and other learning options
  • Strategies for curation, collaboration, and becoming a successful life-long learner in the digital age.



Being able to continuously learn and develop new skills is a key competence we need in order to be successful in the future world of work. There is a wide range of freely available online resources and tools that can help you with this - you just have to know how to find and use them.

This MCIWebinar introduces participants to a range of digital options, resources and tools they can use to enhance their learning and professional development. You will learn about the different aspects and formats of digital learning and how to find and evaluate learning resources. We will browse a range of materials and tools and will jointly develop some strategies you can employ to become successful life-long learners in a digital age.

Short Facts
  • Date: 23.05.2024, 05.30 - 07.45 pm
  • Format: Online - MCI Webinar, 1 x 3 TU
  • Costs: EUR 15.-
  • Lecturer: Martin Dinter
  • Group size: Max. 30 participants
  • Methodology: Interactive MCI Webinar
  • Language: English
  • Badge: Learning Skills, Digital Communication
  • Venue: Online Classroom

Registration for this career event starts on February 01, 2024!

Online Registration

Online Registration Badges

Students who participate in a Badge program are kindly asked to register for this career event only via:

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