EU Values & Digitalisation

Target group

All MCI students who want to discuss some highly interesting topics in the field of digitization at the interface of EU law, ethics and values / philosophy; no previous knowledge required.



  • General introduction into law, EU law, ethics and values (no pre-knowledge necessary)
  • Self-driving vehicles and values
  • Digitalization, artificial intelligence (AI), new technologies and values
  • Filling EU values (human dignity, etc.) with life
  • Compliance and values



  • As digitalization is changing the way we live and work, this course strives to promote excellence in  teaching and to make students familiar with the EU’s common values (special emphasis on ‘corner-stone’ of human dignity), hence to equip them with new understanding in this field.
  • After a short general introduction on law as such as well as on EU law (1st session), this course aims at raising awareness of both legal and ethical challenges of some selected topics in this context; i.e. self-driving vehicles, digitalization at large, and compliance.
  • This course also strives to promote and strengthen active EU citizenship through discussion and reflection of impact of EU integration and the meaning of the EU’s common values, as well as their application to practical situations (digitalization, business compliance).
  • The course is aiming at students, traditionally not dealing with legal subjects (both outside, as well as inside MCI).
  • The course is taking a more holistic approach therefore, creating an added value for students and strengthening their critical thinking ability.
Short Facts
  • Date: 10.03.2025, 09.00 am - 04.45 pm (Seminar)
    11. - 13.03.2025, 05.15 - 07.30 pm (MCI Webinar)
    17. + 18.03.2025, 05.15 - 07.30 pm (MCI Webinar)
    21.03.2025, 09.00 am - 04.45 pm (Seminar)
  • Format: Blended - Seminar & MCI Webinar
  • Costs: free of charge
  • Lecturer: Markus Frischhut
  • Group size: Max. 40 participants
  • Methodology: Interactive Seminar & MCI Webinar
  • Language: English
  • Badge: Responsible Management
  • Venue: Online & MCI I, Universitaetsstrasse 15

Registration for this career event starts on February 01, 2025!

Online Registration

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