From Creative Writing to Bodily Expression

“I had been taught, as perhaps you were as well, not to write until I knew what I wanted to say, that is, until my points were organized and outlined. But I did not like writing that way.”

(Laurel Richardson, 2005)

Writing is often perceived as a challenging or unpleasant task – a huge mountain too high to climb. Some even believe that they “cannot write”, that they have no talent for it. Such thoughts may engender mental block when writing a paper, a thesis, or any other important piece.

This workshop wants to offer a space to experience writing in an unusual way, and hence enable creativity to flourish, potentials to unfold, insights to surface. Creative/intuitive writing creates indeed a room for exploration and can be used as a research method to discover and explore a topic. By bodily expression, what is meant is any form of expression that uses the body, like “sculptures” inspired from image theatre. The purpose is to appeal to several skills and so translate with the body what the mind expresses through written words.

Fact Box
  • Teilnehmer: min. 10 Teilnehmer, max. 15 Teilnehmer;
  • Units: 4UE
  • Preis: € 45,00
  • Termine jeweils von 18:00 Uhr - 21:00 Uhr 

15. November, 2018

  • Lektorin: Isabelle Guibert
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