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IELTS-Preparation Course

Course description:

This course is designed to prepare candidates for the IELTS exams.

Registration for IELTS tests is independent of the IELTS preparation course and must be performed by the students themselves. For details go to

Next IELTS examination session in Innsbruck (University of Innsbruck):

Goals and learning outcome
The course begins with an overview of the structure of the IELTS exams and the tasks typically set in the four competence areas of reading, speaking, listening and writing. Sample questions are dealt with in class to familiarize students with the test formats. Typical examination tasks are studied in detail to enable students to develop strategies for efficient working in the exam:

Reading: Reading comprehension based on passages of academic text. Answering questions designed to test general and detailed comprehension, vocabulary and word order. Paraphrasing and fill-in-the-blanks exercises.

Listening: Listening to dialogs and academic talks/discussions. Answering questions on the general content and details and on speakers’ attitudes.

Speaking: Unprepared speaking: Students answer questions and formulate opinions in an academic context. Ability to communicate information and explain ideas clearly; precise and coherent formulation of opinions.

Writing: Writing a short essay and a report.

Fact Box
  • Units: 15 Units
  • Price: € 75,00 for MCI-students (Price for non-MCI-students can be requested via
  • Dates:
  • Lecturer: Dr. Stefanie Herades
  • Registration Deadline:


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