Organizational Development / Change Management (MUR-B-5-SMA-OCM-ILV)

  • Bachelor's program Management & Law
Course unit code
Level of course unit
  • Bachelor
Year of study
  • Fall 2022
Semester when the course unit is delivered
  • 5
Number of ECTS credits allocated
  • 3.0
Name of lecturer(s)
  • Mag. (FH) Dr. Anslinger Tobias
Learning outcomes of the course unit
  • Students schould...
    know what organization, organizations and organizing are
    know the main perspectives of organization theory (OT)
    know the decisive external and internal factors for organizational change
    know what continuous change is in comparison to planned change
    know the steps of successful planned change
    know the barriers of change and why change projects fail
    have a basic insight of the elements of organizational culture (OC)
    have a feeling of how OC determines the life of an organization
    know the characteristics of modern organizations
Mode of delivery
  • face-to-face/optional online
Prerequisites and co-requisites
  • relevant course(s) of previous semester(s)
Recommended optional program components
  • none
Course contents
  • organization, organizations and organizing
    the history of OT
    different OT perspectives in the context of management & economics
    OD as a planned change
    phases of an OD project
    barriers to OD
    concept of OC
    change management as managing continuous change
    learning organization
Recommended or required reading
  • Cummings, T. G., & Worley, C. G. (2015). Organization Development and Change. (10th ed.). Stamford, CT: Cengage Learning.
    Hatch, M. J. (2011). Organizations - A Very Short Introduction. New York, USA: Oxford University Press.
    Heimerl, P., & Sichler, R. (2012). Strategie, Organisation, Personal, Führung. Wien: Facultas wuv.
    Schreyögg, G., & Geiger, D. (2016). Organisation - Grundlagen moderner Organisationsgestaltung (6th ed.). Wiesbaden: Gabler.Gallos, J. V. (Ed.) (2010). Organization Development - A Jossey-Bass Reader. San Francisco, USA: Jossey-Bass.
    Hatch, M. J., & Cunliffe, A. L. (2018). Organization Theory. Modern, Symbolic, and Postmodern Perspectives (4th ed.). Oxford: University Press.
    Wilcox, M., & Jenkins, M. (2015). Engaging Change - A People-Centred Approach to Business Transformation. London et al: Kogan Page.
Planned learning activities and teaching methods
  • The course comprises an interactive mix of lectures, discussions and individual & group work.
Language of instruction
  • English
Work placement(s)
  • none

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