Target Group

Studierende die Grundkenntnisse in Python erwerben möchten



  • Introduction to Python
  • Data types and Variables
  • Lists and Arrays
  • Loops and Conditions
  • Functions
  • Libraries
  • Debugging



In this course you will get an overall understanding for Programming with Python. This means you will be able to develop and understand basic Python code and will also be able to understand the basic principles of Programming. Therefore, you will gain knowledge in Data types and how to define them. You will be able to work with Lists and Arrays and understand their importance and how to work with them. Furthermore, you will get to know one main concept of programming with conditions and loops. After these 4 main topics you will then be able to develop your own functions. Finally you will get to a brief introduction into some libraries and how to you use them and understand how debugging can make your life way easier.

Short Facts
  • Date: 18.01. - 18.02.2023, self paced learning
  • Format: Online course, 10 TU
  • Costs: EUR 30,-
  • Lecturer: Christian Willi
  • Group size: Max. 40 participants
  • Methodology: Self-paced and task-driven learning activities
  • Language: English
  • Badge: Data Science | Basics
  • Venue: Online Classroom

Registration for this career event starts on September 20, 2022!

Online Registration

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