May 10th 2021

Report: Internship of a recent graduate in Munich

After graduating, Ms. Clara Pointner took the chance to do an internship in Munich. This was supported by an Erasmus+ grant.

The main reason to do an internship between my bachelor's and master's degree was because I couldn’t decide which master’s degree to choose. That's why I wanted to gain work experience to find out in which area I would like to specialize.

My search for an internship started during the first Corona Lockdown. It turned out to be extremely difficult at the beginning, as I also had specific ideas about the field of the internship. Since I've always wanted to spend a longer time in Munich and also have great interest in the automotive industry, I finally found what I was looking for on the BMW careers page.

Due to Corona there were of course some challenges. Is the position still available when I apply? How long will it take to get a reply from the company? Furthermore, finding an apartment and planning the move during Corona was also challenging. Fortunately, these uncertainties quickly subsided.

The best of my internship was to gain work experience in a young and motivated team and to build up a network. I could take on a lot of responsibility and had my own task area, which allowed me to broaden my horizon and expand my knowledge. Working in a company like BMW has given me many different insights. It's nice to be part of a team that shows enthusiasm for their work every day.

Of course, the COVID-19 situation brings a lot of uncertainties for a company. At the beginning (August 2020) the situation was relatively relaxed and I went to the office every day, with a mask required everywhere except at my own desk. From autumn on, I switched to working from home, although I was still allowed to work in the office for one or two days a week. Obviously, it's a slightly different work situation, but you quickly develop a routine working from home, as well.

I can absolutely recommend a graduate internship. It offers the opportunity to gain insights and professional experience and to develop one's interests and skills. This allows you to get to know a company and, in the course of an internship, decide whether you can imagine the company as a future employer. You also have the chance to get to know a work culture and to build up a network, which can often be very valuable in one’s future professional life.

The internship fostered both my personal and professional development. I had a lot of exciting experiences and got great insights into the innovation management of an automobile manufacturer. An internship in another city is a great way to explore it for a few months.

We are very pleased that Ms. Pointner decided to return to the MCI for her Master’s degree. She will certainly be able to enrich the classes with her work experience.

Welcome to the MCI in autumn!

Short Facts

Clara Pointner, BA

Study Program:
BA Business & Management

Duration of the internship:
17.08.2020 - 14.05.2021

Place of the internship:
Munich, Germany

Internship company:
BMW Group

Size of the company:
> 120.000 employees

Field of professional activity:
Innovation Management & Digitalization

Erasmus +

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