Spanish Beginner I online (A1.1)

Course description:

This course is for you if you've never studied Spanish at all - or if it's so long ago since you did that you're effectively starting from scratch.
The main focus of this course lies on building and developing general language competencies in Spanish. You will actively build a basic set of vocabulary that will enable you to follow and participate in simple and personal conversations.

The main focus of the course lies in particular on communicative language competence in terms of developing speaking skills. Your trainer will ask you to participate actively and immediately implement what you have learned. Intercultural aspects will be taken into account to also
broaden your cross cultural skills.

Course goals:

  • Understand and build a basic repertoire of words and simple phrases related to personal details and contexts like e.g. talking about your work, family etc
  • Making yourself understood in simple, everyday situations
  • Introducing yourself and doing simple small talk
Course Dates


  • 15.03.2022
  • 17.03.2022
  • 22.03.2022
  • 24.03.2022
  • 29.03.2022
  • 31.03.2022
  • 05.04.2022
  • 07.04.2022
  • 19.04.2022
  • 21.04.2022
  • 26.04.2022
  • 28.04.2022
  • 03.05.2022
  • 05.05.2022
  • 10.05.2022
Short Facts

Course title: Spanish Beginner I

Level after course: A1.1

Requirements: Non

Venue: online

Units / ECTS: 30 units, 2 ECTS

Time: Tuesday and Thursday, 15 evenings, 6 to 7.30 pm


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