Learning & Self Management

Learning techniques

The right methodologies and techniques can improve both memory retention and the ability to learn. Especially at the beginning of each semester, you as a student should take a close look at your working and learning techniques and, considering the previous semester, ask yourself if there is potential for improvement and more effective organization.

Some students sit together in an auditory.

Here you can find a number of helpful tips and web links on learning, exams, and self Management.

Exam Preparation & Exam Anxiety

Exams are an important part of daily life in higher education: no one can get around them and few remain completely unimpressed by them. There are as many kinds of exam preparation as there are students. Nervousness and anxiety prior to or during exams are normal and, to a certain extent, may even enhance performance. Anxiety becomes a problem when it significantly interferes with performance and causes pressure.

Self Management & Time Management

Studying often competes with the finer things in life: time with your family and friends, club memberships, sports, etc. All of these require time and energy and therefore are in a natural state of competition with learning. For part-time students who work, there is the double load of job and studies to be considered. Professional time management and the right approach to self-management can therefore be an important help for dealing with this complex situation.

Academic reading and writing

Reading and understanding professional literature

Students often have to read, edit, and understand large amounts of literature. To read all the texts from front to back is not only time-consuming but also often not necessary. In order to process large quantities, different reading strategies can be applied, so one's own reading can be made more effective.

Academic writing

Academic writing is a key competence for any study program. Academic studies always involve academic writing. As you become a better writer, you will find it easier to study. Academic writing clearly differs from other writing, such as school writing or journalism. No one’s born a writer. And certainly not an academic writer. Writing is more than just a talent. It’s a skill that can be learned.

One student is sitting in the library.

Here you can find a number of helpful tips and web links on academic reading and writing as well as reference management.

Reference Management - Citavi

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With the Badge „Learning Skills“ you will develop a range of skills that allow you to successfully manage your learning and self-management. In addition, you will gain competences as independent and self-directed learner, including information literacy and study skills.

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