Let's win together

"Let's win together" is the joint motto of the Entrepreneurial School® and the multiple European and Austrian Champions in American Football, the RAIDERS Tirol. Together with our home college team, we are committed to sporting fairness and promoting performance, networks, exchange, and internationality among motivated people and our university. Linking sports and education is an integral part and a successful educational approach of many universities and colleges around the world. Based on US college football, the partnership between the RAIDERS Tirol and the Entrepreneurial School® combines highly professional amateur sports with top-level education.

Mag. Markus Wieser, Club Manager

"We are very proud of the long-standing and exceptional partnership between MCI and the RAIDERS Tirol and are excited to offer our athletes the opportunity to combine quality education and sports. As our home college, all MCI students, alumni and employees get discounted tickets to our home games in the European League of Football (ELF). The mutual support and shared experiences are essential to the RAIDERS Family."


Mag. Markus Wieser, Club Manager

The many rules and special terms used in American Football can be confusing, even for die-hard fans. American Football is a very young sport developing at high speed. If you have a hard time with terms like “down”, “line of scrimmage” or “clipping”, you might want to read the SWARCO RAIDERS Tirol’s detailed explanation of the terms and rules.

Since autumn 2018, the SWARCO RAIDERS Tirol have had their own basketball segment in their sports family. Already in the first year, the team succeeded in advancing to the second division, called Basketball Second League (B2L). The season runs from September to March.

Cheerleading goes with American football like the Alps with Tyrol, and the SWARCO RAIDERS Tirol cheerleaders belong to the best and most successful in Austria. In cheerleading, in contrast to dance, acrobatics are clearly in the foreground. With daring pyramids, the SWARCO Raiderettes astound the spectators.

Free or discounted admission for MCI students, alumni and employees: MCI members can attend all Raiders football and basketball home games for free or at a discounted price. Tickets can be purchased via the SWARCO RAIDERS Tirol online ticket shop. Simply enter your student or ID number, and get your free ticket.

Get your ticket, bring your friends and head off to a SWARCO RAIDERS Tirol sporting event.

Every SWARCO RAIDERS Tirol home game is an event in itself. DJs, presenters, dance and acrobatic shows with the Raiderettes cheerleaders and much more, make the games a unique sports festival. Following the American tradition, pre-game events such as Tailgate BBQ’s and post-game parties with players and cheerleaders provide the perfect setting to get the crowd going.


Free or discounted admission for MCI students, alumni and employees.

There is one free or discounted ticket per SWARCO RAIDERS Tirol home match available in the online ticket shop. To get the ticket, only the student matriculation number or personnel number is required. Reduced price tickets can also be purchased on the day of the match at the box office upon presentation of the Student Card.

  • Basketball - 1 free ticket per home game
  • AFL - 1 free ticket per home game
  • ELF - 1 discounted (€ 3.00) ticket per home game

The matriculation number can be found on enrolment confirmations, certificates and the Student Card. Alumni can find the number on certificates, graduation documents or they can requested it via e-mail to alumni@mci.edu.

If you have technical questions about the ticket shop, please use the contact form.

Our Team

We proudly present the following MCI students and successful RAIDERS players and RAIDERETTES!
Please contact the Office-Team (office@raiders.at) if you are interested in the SWARCO RAIDERS Tirol or the SWARCO RAIDERETTES.



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