Evaluation and development of the school cooperations of the association Naturpark Karwendel

From the perspective of society as a whole, there is not enough awareness and knowledge about nature and the environment (Liebert et al., 2020). It is therefore essential to impart knowledge and raise awareness through environmental education (Fthenakis, 2016). The association Naturpark Karwendel takes up this challenge. In cooperation with schools, awareness for nature and the environment is to be built up sustainably through knowledge transfer and practical experience (Sunday, 2016). In order to ensure the effectiveness of environmental education, it is necessary to thoroughly evaluate and optimise these school cooperations.

The analysis of the qualitative and quantitative research identified essential fields of action for the optimization of the cooperation of the association Naturpark Karwendel. These include the design of the teaching material, the provision of information, communication with experts and the transfer of information to parents.

Naturpark Karwendel Projektteam

Naturpark Karwendel Project Team

Fact Box
  • Study Program: BA NSGM
  • Team: Fritz Hannah, Gutting Anais, Hohenwarter Pia, Voglstätter Hannah
  • Supervisor(s): Heiss Raffael
  • Partner Organisation: Association Naturpark Karwendel
  • Year project was carried out: 2020


"The project has been very successful. By pointing out the fields of action we now know in which areas we have to do our homework." - Anton Heufelder, Deputy Managing Director, Association Naturpark Karwendel

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