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The ERASMUS+ Program is the mobility program for students, academic as well as non-academic staff of the European Commission, based on the “Erasmus Charter for Higher Education 2014-2020 (ECHE)” of participation institutions. MCI Management Center Innsbruck takes part in the ERASMUS+ program – our students and staff can therefore benefit of the activities of this European network. 

Regular MCI students, wishing to pursue their mandatory internship abroad (eligible countries see below), may apply for the ERASMUS+ scholarship. Depending on the host country the financial aid is 400 to 450 Euros per month.

Since 1985 the Erasmus program has offered students the possibility to study part of their degree program in another European country. Since the new program generation students and graduates can do an internship in the Erasmus+ program countries. Within the framework of Erasmus+ students can become mobile several times. It is possible to spend up to twelve month per study cycle (bachelor, master, PhD) abroad.

  • Participants have to be enrolled in a regular degree program (bachelor or master) at MCI (not applicable for programs of MCI’s Executive Education) and may not graduate during the period of the internship. (Exception : internship for recent graduates)
  • The internship placement has to be relevant to your current studies, e.g. internship approved by responsible study department.
  • Duration: minimum of two full months until maximum duration of mandatory internship (without interruption; MCI lectures visited during internship are also counted as interruption). 
    Attention: Erasmus+ stays for studies and internships are added together and you might be granted a scholarship for max. 12 months per academic level.
  • Host countries: all EU-member countries (except Austria), EFTA states without Switzerland (Iceland, Norway), Turkey, former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia.
    Attention: An Erasmus+ scholarship for an internship in the home country of a student can be granted if the city of the internship is at least 200 km apart from the home address of the student. Furthermore the student is obliged to prove a residence in Austria (residence proof) before application.
  • The distance between the internship location and hometown (or study location) has to be at least 200 km
  • Host institutions: All public or non-corporate companies, independent from their size, legal structure or their area of operation (companies, NGO’s, social partner device, educational- and research institution, schools and kindergartens). No EU-institutions or EU-benefited projects (if you receive a salary).
  • Working hours: full-time internship (at least 35 hours/week).
  • Deadlines: application has to be handed in 6-8 weeks before the internship starts; applications are possible all year.

Additional requirements for internships for recent graduates:

  • Application has to be submitted before taking the final exam (Bachelor’s or Master’s exam).
  • During the internship you must not be enrolled at any university.
  • Start and end date of the internship have to be within 12 month of graduation.
  • 12 months ERASMUS mobility quota has not been consumed during last study cycle.

Steps to be completed:

  • Apply for an internship placement abroad (e.g. through MCI Job Portal; International Relations Office does not arrange an internship placement for you)
  • Contact your study program director or responsible assistant to check if the internship is related to your studies. If required, complete all relevant documents requested by your study department.
  • Have your Learning Agreement for Traineeships signed by the receiving institution (make sure they include a stamp) and your study program director.
  • Submit all the required documents (see below) to the International Relations Office (preferably in person), MCI I, 2nd Floor, Ms. Kerstin Maier (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.)

Required documents:

    The learning agreement is the core application document for the ERASMUS+ scholarship. Please check with the receiving institution if they provide accidence and liability insurance during working hours. Otherwise you are be covered by the ÖH-Insurance if you paid the ÖH-fee for the according semester of the internship. (Attention: This is not valid for internships for recent graduates)
    It is recommended to obtain an accident and liability insurance that is also valid in your leisure time. In case you do have a private insurance please check if it is also valid for stays abroad. It may also be that you do get health insurance from the receiving institution. If not please make sure to check whether your local insurance covers stays abroad or if you need a special health insurance for abroad.
  • Curriculum vitae
    Please hand in the CV you used for the internship application.
  • Registration Form (necessary if internship takes place in your home country)
    If your apply for a ERASMUS+ internship in your home country we need the registration form of your study period in Innsbruck.
  • Copy of your final Transcript of Records or Diploma (for internships for recent graduates)

  • Nomination in the Austrian Agency for International Cooperation in Education and Research (OeAD's) data base by the International Relations Office;
  • Nominated students receive a nomination e-mail. You have to check and complete your data in the database (link is provided in nomination e-mail).
  • OeAD informs the students by e-mail when the contract for the ERASMUS grant is ready (about 20 days prior to the internship)
  • Print out the contract twice, sign them and send the Originals to the OeAD:
    Erasmus-Referat Innsbruck
    Meinhardstraße 5/III
    6020 Innsbruck
  • Complete language assessment via OLS (invitation will be sent to you via E-Mail)
  • Before beginning of the internship 80% of the grant will be paid out directly by the ERASMUS office of OeAD GmbH
  • Hand in all the required documents after your stay; fill in the EU-Online-Survey
  • Payout of the remaining 20% of the grant

The following documents need to be handed in after finishing your internship:

Kerstin Maier
Mag. Kerstin Maier International Relations Manager +43 512 2070 - 1622This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
The Erasmus+ Logo

Applications may be submitted at any time of the year to the International Relations Office (preferably in person) 6 to 8 weeks prior to the start of the internship.

Applications for internships that already started are not accepted!

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