Citavi Reference Management

MCI has acquired a site license for Citavi’s Reference Management and Knowledge Organization software. This means all MCI students and faculty can now make use of this powerful tool for studying, teaching and researching both on campus and at home.

Citavi supports students and researchers in all stages of their work with the literature. The advantages begin with the initial search; Citavi opens the door to various library catalogues and specialist libraries, retrieving the relevant data for downloading and subsequent processing at the click of a mouse. And there is no need to enter the titles of all the books piled up on your desk.

If a book has an ISBN (International Standard Book Number) – and all books published since 1980 do – you simply enter the number, and Citavi retrieves all the relevant data from the Internet: author, title, publisher, year of publication, and often the cover design and a short list of contents.

Creating knowledge out of data

Citavi first structures the literature collected; not every text requires immediate or the same level of attention. Citavi’s Task Planner can be used for every paper or book to define what needs to be done and when. That permits a to-do list to be generated at the click of a mouse for your next visit to the library.
The decisive aspect, however, is what you make of the information collected. This is where Citavi’s Knowledge Organization function comes in: separating the important items from the less important and linking them with the knowledge already available. Citavi offers a number of tools for this purpose. The literature can be tagged and categorized, and for ever source it is possible to abstract key quotations, systematize them and link them with your own ideas, thoughts and draft text. That enables you to continually build up a stock of knowledge tailored to your objectives.

Getting the knowledge down on paper

Your presentation, thesis or publication is the last step in the work process. Citavi is compatible with practically all word processor software, including LaTeX editors. A click of the mouse is all it takes to import the collected quotations, and your ideas and bibliographical references. At the end of the process, Citavi automatically generates the bibliography.

How can you access Citavi?

1. Install Citavi Free
Click here to download the free version:

2. Request a free license key, i.e. set up your own Citavi account
Go to and register for your own Citavi account. N.B. You must use the mail address from your MCI account to confirm your entitlement. It is not possible to obtain the license key with a mail address from a free service provider (, GMX, Gmail etc.).
Install and open Citavi and login with your Citavi account.


Additional useful information

Find support, starting guides, videos, FAQs and the manual at:

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