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We will be happy to help you with organisational matters relating to your studies and support you when and where you need it. The Student Support section offers helpful tips and tricks on the topics of lifelong learning & self-organization, as well as scientific research. In addition, we have compiled the most important information regarding health and important facilities on this page for you.

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Important facilities

No matter what your life situation is and the challenges you are currently faced with, we are happy to offer advice and help you find solutions for the successful completion of your studies at Management Center Innsbruck.

Disabilities, chronic diseases, or other forms of impairment may entail disadvantages for the students concerned and often require extra effort for the successful completion of a course of study.

Yet disabilities or chronic diseases must not hinder students from successfully completing their degrees. Through timely preparation, appropriate assistance, and several special arrangements many supposed obstacles can be avoided. We therefore offer:

  • agreements on special arrangements for the selection process in case you are unable to participate in the regular procedure, or would suffer disadvantages if you did
  • company and support during your studies, including various services to ensure a most “normal” daily routine at university (such as the arrangement for alternate examination procedures)
  • further consulting e.g. on possible grants

Should you intend to enroll for study at MCI, or already be a student at MCI, and feel at a disadvantage due to a disability or chronic disease, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Off to university!

The beginning of your study should be well prepared. You should therefore inform us about any impairment you suffer as early as possible, in particular if the impairment is not obvious. Through timely information also our teaching staff receive the possibility to prepare for your special needs. Any details enclosed to us will, of course, be treated confidentially. Should you still have reservations about speaking openly about your impairment, you may inform yourself anonymously of the options for support available in your particular case. We offer anonymous advice both by telephone and email.

Good to know!

Students with disabilities or chronic diseases are entitled to alternate examination methods if they are unable to participate in the regular examination due to their impairments. It is possible, for instance, to organize for an oral instead of a written exam if you are unable to write by hand. If need be, we may additionally grant extra time for the completion of your courses.

docxConfirmation of study-relevant impairments

If you have any further queries or suggestions, please contact:

Janine Prokesch, BSc, MA
Coordinator Student Services
+43 512 2070-1910 

ÖH MCI Counselling for social issues

MCI is committed to the diversity of its academic and non-academic staff, students, and all other relevant stakeholder groups. It pursues the principles of openness, tolerance, and appreciation and actively supports the creation of equal opportunity for the above groups of people, regardless of gender, age, religion, disability, ethnicity, sexual orientation, ideology, or social background.

Overarching aims are to promote strategies of gender and diversity management in all activities and hierarchical levels of the university and to prevent direct as well as indirect discrimination on the basis of above factors.

The MCI commission for equal treatment, diversity and the advancement of women is responsible for the continuous assessment and development of these aims and is available for any questions related to the topic. The commission includes members of the Executive Board, the Academic Council, the Employee Representative Committee, the Students’ Union and the Equal Opportunities Officer as well as the Disabilities Officer.

Birgitte Auer
+43 512 2070 - 1310

Innsbruck Psychological Counseling Services for Students is an institution initiated and sponsored by the government, which is also available to MCI students. The institution is located in Schöpfstraße 3, next to the Public Employment Services building, and provides confidential counseling and supervision for free.

To make an appointment for personal counseling, please use the online registration form.

Please note that Innsbruck Psychological Counseling Services for Students also organizes free workshops on different topics relevant to students such as learning how to learn, exam anxiety, final papers, relaxation techniques, etc. For detailed information about current workshops, please go to

Phone: 0512-507-39601

Lisa Dora Lamprecht
Room Scheduling & Assistant
Infrastructure & Organisation
+43 512 2070-1104

Thomas Gubesch
Assistant & Project Management
Infrastructure & Organisation
+43 512 2070-1123

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