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In addition to the language requirements of the various curricula, students at the MCI can choose additional elective languages for all study programs. Such additional foreign language qualifications on a voluntary basis strengthen students’ international orientation and intercultural competence and further improve their chances on the job market.


Besides German courses for incoming students we offer foreign language courses like Chinese, English, French, Italian, Spanish as well as sign language and various workshops. All our course offerings are based on students’ needs and are continually extended.


  • MCI language courses are designed as semester courses with 2 ECTS or 3 ECTS for Chinese courses.
  •  Each MCI language course comprises a total of 30 teaching units or 42 teaching units for Chinese courses and takes place at MCI on 10 evenings or 14 evenings online for Chinese courses (à 3 units). One teaching unit is the equivalent of 45 minutes.
  • The exact dates and times are listed with the respective course descriptions.
  • Course fees for MCI students currently studying at MCI are EUR 95,00. Please note that books are not included in the price. Payment is due online upon the online registration.
  • Upon completion of a course, students receive a certificate or confirmation of attendance.
Winter Term

Duration: October 15/16 - December 17/18, 2024
Registration: September 1 - October 5, 2024

Courses & Registration Winter Term

Summer Term

Duration: March 19 - June 5, 2024
Registration: January 8 - March 6, 2024

Courses & Registration Summer Term

Mag. Brigitte Huter | Head Language Center Student & Career Center
Mag. Brigitte Huter Head Language Center
 Martina Siller-Vital de Almeida, BA | Assistant & Project Manager Infrastructure & Organisation
Martina Siller-Vital de Almeida, BA Assistant & Project Manager

If you have any questions please contact us:, Phone: Monday - Friday 8:00 - 12:30 +43 512 2070-1126

Claudia Moser, Lecturer German

"Good teaching is interactive and communicative. I see teaching and learning as a joint process with the students, with a focus on activity-based teaching."

Claudia Moser, Lecturer German

Anika Schmid, Lecturer German and Spanish

"A pragmatic classroom and interculturality are essential in my language teaching."

Anika Schmid, Lecturer German and Spanish

Isabelle Guibert, Lecturer French and Spanisch

"My teaching is dynamic and participatory, and requires your full engagement, for I believe that a course is as good as it is made by both the lecturer and the participants together."

Isabelle Guibert, Lecturer French and Spanisch

Christine Fritz, Lecturer Italian

"Languages and lighting a spark for them in others are my passion: with diverse methods and space for joyful trying and experiencing all different skills. We grow and learn together. Because communication means first and foremost 'to be connected, to be related'."

Christine Fritz, Lecturer Italian

Jesus Manuel Millán Vidal, Lecturer Spanish

"In my class you will not only learn Spanish but experience it: all (inter)cultural aspects, through dynamic and interactive activities. Together we will develop all language skills, have fun and discover plenty of new things."

Jesus Manuel Millán Vidal, Lecturer Spanish

Annette Demattio-Neuner, Lecturer German

" 'If they are your words, they can become your language.' (Bernard Dufeu) - for me, at the beginning of language acquisition is the wish to express yourself. Supported by different communicative methodes (above all language psychodramaturgy) I see myselfas a companion to confident language expression."

Annette Demattio-Neuner, Lecturer German

Birgit Haider-Müller, Lecturer German

"Successful teaching thrives on enthusiasm and motivation. Being enthusiastic about a language means being able to learn it in a joyful way. It is my job to create this positive setting for the students"

Birgit Haider-Müller, Lecturer German

Mariantonia Tramite, Lecturer Italian

"As an Italian native speaker it is my intention to stimulate motivation and curiosity in students in order for them to have a meaningful experience with the Italian language."

Mariantonia Tramite, Lecturer Italian


Registrations for MCI language courses are possible online to the March 6, 2024.

Please note that registrations and cancellations after the deadline can unfortunately not be considered.

Each MCI language course offers a total of 30 teaching units.

On site courses include 10 evenings (3 units per evening). One teaching unit complies with 45 minutes.

Time: 6.00 to 8.15 pm

Please, find the exact course dates with the respective language course.

Details for online courses and special course offers can be found in the course description.

Regular course fees for MCI students currently studying at MCI are 95,00 €.

Regular course fees for MCI Alumni are 190,00 €.

Course copies are included in the course fee but not language books.

Payment is due online upon the online registration.

MCI language courses take place as of a registration of at least 10 participants.

The MCI Language Center will inform all participants shortly after the registration deadline whether the language course will take place.

The course fee will be returned in case of a course cancellation.

To find the right course level, please check the requirements in the short fact box and use our Self-Assessment-Tool.

Please note that course changes are not possible after registration deadline.

Language Courses:

The cancellation of registration is possible, at no cost, until February 29, 2024.

For cancellations from  March 1 to March 6, 2024 a cancellation fee of EUR 40,00 will be charged.

In the case of cancellations from and beyond March 7, 2024 the course fee is to be fully paid and NO refund will be made.

Course fees are not transferable and cannot be credited for a subsequent semester.


Would you like to learn a foreign language currently not listed on our MCI webpage like Arabic, Russian, Japanese, Portuguese, Turkish or sign language?

Individually foreign language courses are available to groups of at least 10 participants.

Please send us a message to and we will organize all further steps.

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