In our networked and global working world, international experience, intercultural sensitivity and openness to diversity are key competencies in personnel selection.

The MCI strengthens this international trait of its students through interaction with lecturers and students from abroad, international curricula and projects, semesters, study stays, and internships abroad, double degrees, a wide range of language courses and special seminars and workshops.

International Internships

For internships within the EU, students and graduates can also receive financial support under Erasmus+. Deadlines and details for applying for Erasmus+ can be found by contacting your MCI representative:

Find out more about other funding opportunities.

If you are looking for internships outside Austria, you can use the MCI Job & Internship Platform on the one hand, and access a variety of general and specialized internship exchanges on the other (see below or the Country Information folder). In addition, there are several organizations that offer internships abroad or help with the placement of interns. Make sure in advance that you are aware of the placement fees and specific services.

AIESEC for students of business studies

ELSA for law students

IAAS for students of agricultural studies

IAESTE for students of technical subjects


Databases (European Parliament) (worldwide) (UK) (worldwide) (Japan, China, India and other Asian countries) (South Africa) (UK)

Mehrere Leute, die sich etwas in einem Labor ansehen.

An internship abroad offers an interesting opportunity to prepare for the global job market and to acquire skills in intercultural communication and multinational team-working.


If you are doing an internship abroad, you should also make sure that you have sufficient insurance cover. Accident insurance, liability insurance and health insurance are all indispensable in this case. If you do an internship abroad - even if it is a compulsory internship - you are not insured against accidents by the institution with whom you are studying. However, there is insurance cover via the Austrian Student’s Union or through private insurance.

Jobs abroad

When searching for jobs outside Austria, you can use the MCI Career Portal as well as a variety of international job exchanges. You will find initial links below and under the country information directory.
International job exchanges (selection)

Europe (German-French job exchange for Europe) (Jobs and training opportunities in Europe) (Swiss Confederation) (The European Affairs Jobsite) (Graduate Jobs in Europe) (Working for the EU) (Science jobs in Europe) (Student Jobs in UK) (internship and job exchange, CH) (Job exchange for Europe) (Student Placement Opportunities) (job exchange & career tips) (Student Jobs in UK) (Teacher jobs in Europe) (For specialists and managers)

USA & America (Jobs in the USA) (Jobs USA) (Job exchange Mexico and 39 other countries) (job market of the News York Times)

International (Jobs worldwide) (Short-Term-Job Adventures worldwide) (International Jobs) (National Employment Agency Australia) (Austrian Exchange Service) (Voluntary Service and Jobs Worldwide)

Country information

If you are planning an internship or your career entry abroad, you should inform yourself in good time about country-specifics and the labor-law framework conditions. Plan not only the costs for a visa, but also the processing times for your application, which - depending on the destination country - can take several weeks, or even months.
Important note for internships in the USA: In order to do an internship there, you will definitely require a J-1 visa. Once you have searched for and found an internship, you must apply for the so-called DS-2019 form via a legitimized exchange organization (so-called designated sponsors). This service involves costs. It is essential that you compare different providers, services and prices.
The Freie Universität von Berlin has created a large collection of links to important country information:: You will find chambers of commerce, diplomatic missions, important cultural institutions, as well as business directories, professional associations, regional job and internship exchanges, daily newspapers, and tips on finding accommodation.

Applying for a job abroad

Many dream of a professional career abroad. The first hurdle for a successful start in an internship or a job is a meaningful application.

The prerequisite for a professional career abroad is not only an above-average command of the language of the target country, but also intensive preliminary research, because each country has different regulations regarding the formalities of an application.


The application letter

As in Austria, the cover letter is limited to a maximum of one page. As an applicant, you should first and foremost, explain why you, as a foreigner, are particularly suitable for the internship/job.

Curriculum vitae

The curriculum vitae should include the following aspects:

  • Personal details: first and last name, address, telephone number and e-mail address (Personal Details)
  • Career objective (Job Objective)
  • summary profile (key skills)
  • School education and studies: Education
  • Professional experience (Career History, Career Development, Work Experience)
  • Career starters should headline the chapter with "Practical Experience
  • additional knowledge: Language and computer skills, driving licence (additional skills)
  • Hobbies, if relevant for the position (Interests and activities)
  • Conclusion (References available upon request)

The curriculum vitae should consist of one to a maximum of two pages. The exception is the Netherlands, where the curriculum vitae may be more extensive. If you have already spent some time abroad, make sure to include this information in your CV.

Application in a European country

For applications in a European country, there is the possibility of orienting oneself to the "Europass-CV". This was created by the European Commission in order to minimize the application hurdles within Europe. The "Europass-CV" however, is only a recommendation and not a requirement.

Working in Austria

The Career Center would like to support international students at the MCI Management Center Innsbruck with special information and events on career planning, job entry and application in Austria.

We recommend that all international students acquire German language skills as quickly and intensively as possible. Language courses are offered by the MCI Language Center at various levels. The tandem program is also very suitable for language acquisition or for practical practice and speaking.

The Career seminars include workshops and webinars such as "Working in Austria", "Essentials for an application in German" or "Starting your career"; details and dates can be found here.

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