Gras straws from Uganda tor the market in Europe

“Ourroots” is a Start-Up from Uganda which produces biodegradable and compostable drinking straws and wants to expand to the European market. This project was designed to identify potential customer groups for their product in the European market. “Ourroots” is a Start-Up supported by the Social innovation Academy (SINA), which has the aim to help marginalized youth become social entrepreneurs, thereby creating resilient and self-reliant communities.

The project resulted in the following concrete outcomes and options for the client:

  • Private end consumers and retailers represent the most realistic buyer groups, as concerns regarding the reusability of the product have arisen, especially in the catering and hotel industry.
  • The possibility of a fair trade seal could also be a possible marketing tool, but Ourroots should decide at this point whether they can and want to meet the standards of the seal.
  • According to the interview results, the price is of secondary importance if the product can actually be reused. 5 euros for 25 straws seem to be the price customers are willing to pay.
Our Roots

Our Roots

Fact Box
  • Study Program: Nonprofit, Social & Health Care Management
  • Team: Josephine Dickopf, Anna Koktanova, Lara Krüger, Luisa Storz
  • Supervisor(s): Lukas Kerschbaumer, Margit Schäfer
  • Partner Organisation: SINA-Social Innovation Academy
  • Year project was carried out: 2020


“We thought it could be a great opportunity to fight single use plastic straws. We are looking at making people aware that we can grow our product like we can grow food.” - Ourroots

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