Integrative communication concepts for youth, families and eldery people

We developed communication strategies in order to be able to reach youth, families, and elderly people with information in a targeted and effective manner.

Young people, families and the seniors are in different phases of life and therefore have different questions, needs and interests. The information channels that are used and the information behavior also varies. It is a challenge to create an equitable and targeted information supply for young people, senior citizens, and families.

Young people are best reachable via social media. The target group values quick, current, and short information, wants free access and a less broad spectrum of information. Families can be reached with traditional media (television, newspaper) as well as digital media and the internet. For the target group, information must be appealing, serious and free of charge. Traditional media, especially newspapers, are the best way to reach senior citizens. Younger seniors (<70) additionally use the internet and online newspapers. Informative and honest information as well as an appealing layout is important for this target group.

InfoEck der Generationen

InfoEck der Generationen

Fact Box
  • Study Program: Non-Profit-, Social- and Healthmanagement
  • Team: Cede Philomena, Esch Noémie, Horstmann Salka, Stolte Sophie
  • Supervisor(s): Raffael Heiss
  • Partner Organisation: InfoEck der Generationen
  • Year project was carried out: 2022

Partner statement
The collaborative project on our group-focused communication strategies was very exciting for our team. In the course of an internal staff retreat, the students have already provided our team with initial inputs and impulses and delivered ideas. Now that the project has been completed by the students, the next step is to discuss the results internally and to integrate one or two approaches for our future communicative orientation. We would like to thank the project team consisting of Philomena, Noémie, Salka and Sophie for their great work.

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