Website optimization and social media strategy for a public hospital

Students help BKH St. Johann in Tirol optimize its website usability and develop a social media strategy.

In a cooperation with the district hospital BKH St. Johann in Tirol, various parts of the customer-hospital communication had to be optimized. In particular, the aim was to develop recommendations on improving both the information hierarchy and usability of the hospital website. Furthermore, so as to boost the hospital’s existing social media, a social media strategy plan had to be developed.

Five students of MCI's Digital Business & Software Engineering program focused to evaluating the usability of the BKH website. A heuristic expert evaluation and usability tests with 25 potential users were conducted and analyzed. Recommendations derived from these tests informed a complete redesign of the website. Four students from MCI’s International Business & Management program tackled the topic of social media. Based on the current situation and a detailed customer analysis, the students developed a strategy on how to strengthen the social media presence and how to expand it so that the BKH becomes as a trusted information provider for all kinds of health topics.

BKH St. Johann in Tirol

BKH St. Johann in Tirol

Fact Box
  • Study Program: International Business & Management (MA), Digital Business & Software Engineering (BSc)
  • Team: Student project teams in „Entrepreneurial Lab“ and “Human-Computer Interaction”
  • Supervisor(s): FH-Prof. Dr.Claudia Brauer, FH-Prof. Dr. Stephan Schlögl
  • Partner Organisation: BKH St. Johann
  • Year project was carried out: 2021

Partner Statement
"As an extended standard hospital and the second largest company in the district of Kitzbühel, we offer a wide range of health services. For our digital transformation, we have brought on the best regional partner. The motto of the BKH St. Johann is to focus all our efforts and competence on the well-being of our patients and employees. To communicate this vision better, the goal of this cooperation was to improve our internal and external communication strategies. Supported by the creative minds of the MCI, we managed to come a big step closer to this goal, and as such, we believe that the cooperation was a great enrichment for both sides."

Further Information

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