Increasing the sense of solidarity - but how?

In the "Digital Project Management & Practice Project" course, students had the opportunity to look for ways to increase donations for the Austrian Red Cross.

The Austrian Red Cross is always trying to collect enough donations for those in need. Since the need is often higher than the funds provided, the goal of the course, and thus the collaboration, was to gather data to generate new ideas and opportunities.

A total of 17 projects with different focal points emerged. The student groups took both a qualitative and quantitative approach to their surveys and were able to gain the following insights for WCC, among others:

  • Simplified donation options (e.g., in popular apps) are very important to respondents
  • Respondents can better identify with the purpose of the donation if the physical distance is smaller, which in turn influences the donation amount
  • There is a great willingness among the retirees surveyed to do volunteer work
  • Transparency in the use of donations is important to the respondents. If one knows how exactly the donation is used, one is willing to donate more.
  • Men show less willingness to donate than women. Older people are also more open to donations than people born after 1989.
  • Flexibility in volunteering is not required - fixed dates are fine.
  • There is great potential to donate, which is only partially activated.
  • Students see clothing donations less as a moral duty and more as a way to do something good for others without compensation.
Increasing the sense of solidarity - but how?

Increasing the sense of solidarity - but how?

Fact Box
  • Study Program: Business Administration Online & Betriebswirtschaft Online
  • Team: Cohort 2020
  • Supervisor(s): Yevgen Bogodistov & Karin Sixl-Daniell
  • Partner Organisation: Rotes Kreuz Tirol
  • Year project was carried out: 2022

Partner Statement
Collaboration with universities is very important to us, as it provides us with well-founded insights into questions and challenges from our daily practical work. What is particularly valuable here is that committed young people contribute their ideas and perspectives from an outside viewpoint. The insights gained from this help to improve our work.

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