Save the "Herrenhaus" in Hall Valley

The project aimed to identify key stakeholders who would be instrumental in the implementation of the restoration initiative. Furthermore, based on qualitative research results, first suggestions for future concepts of use of the manor house were developed.

The manor house in Halltal, located in the Karwendel mountains at about 1,500 m above sea level, was built around 1780 and served as accommodation for the officials and miners employed in the salt mine. In 1999, the house was hit by an avalanche and has since fallen into disrepair. The initiative "Rettet das Herrenhaus im Halltal" (Save the Herrenhaus in the Hall Valley) aims to save this important testimony to the history of Tyrolean salt mining from further decay, to renovate it in a manner appropriate to the protection of historical monuments, and to enable the manor house to be used in a sustainable way and to preserve its public value.

A possible rescue of the manor house in Halltal from decay opens up the possibility of preserving the significant site of salt mining history in Tyrol, preserving this industrial monument and its cultural significance for future generations.

The selection of important stakeholders as well as the identification of best practice examples in Tyrol and South Tyrol were based on a sound literature analysis. The data collection was carried out using guide-based expert interviews and a focus group workshop with wellknown representatives from relevant stakeholder groups. The goal was to discuss potential utilization concepts as well as relevant influencing factors for implementation.

The findings from the interviews and the focus group workshop were used to formulate recommendations for future conceptualization and implementation steps. The students presented and discussed the results in a final presentation, which was attended by the entire board of the association “Rettet das Herrenhaus”.

Current view of the Herrenhaus in Halltal

Current view of the Herrenhaus in Halltal

Fact Box
  • Study Program: Bachelor Management & Law
  • Team: Gregor Obletter, Alina Preti, Anna Quintus, Fabian Schnegg, Gregor Simonini, Isa-bel Treutinger, Nathan Vikoler, Johannes Wetscher, Dena Wiedermann, Lisa Würsching
  • Supervisor(s): Dr. Maria Wallnöfer (MCI), FH-Prof. Dr. Johannes Dickel (MCI), Egon Veit, BA MA (Association Initia-tive Rettet das Herrenhaus)
  • Partner Organisation: Association Initiative Rettet das Herrenhaus
  • Year project was carried out: 2023

Partner Statement
“The students made a splendid contribution to the economic development of the project. It was impressive to see how much the students thrived with the tasks and became identified with the project. The conducting of interviews and focus groups with the participation of distinguished personalities from politics, business, science and society show that there is an interest in the preservation of the Herrenhaus. The fundamental work done by students of the MCI represents a very valuable basis for the association for further work and possible follow-up projects. A big thank you to all the people who were involved and who made the success of this practical project happen!” – Egon Veit, BA MA, Project Manager, Verein Initiative Rettet das Herrenhaus

Further Information

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