„Mental Health First Aid" of pro mente triol

This project aims to support pro mente triol to establish a stronger presence on Instagram to raise awareness and interest among young adults for the course „Mental health first aid".

The central challenge is to adapt the existing Instagram profile of the course „Mental health first aid" of pro mente triol in such a way that it meets the criteria of a successful social media marketing strategy and at the same time effectively addresses the target group of young adults. In addition, a suitable way of dealing with the topic of mental health on the platform is to be found.

After analyzing the Instagram profile of the „Mental health first aid" course and conducting extensive research, several insights were gained. The profile already meets some of the criteria of a successful social media marketing strategy, such as defining a specific target group and using hashtags that are oriented to the target group. However, areas for optimization were also identified, such as a more targeted approach to the target group (both pictorially and in writing) as well as an appealing corporate design and the associated increase in reach. Based on these results, a list of criteria was created to help pro mente triol improve its Instagram profile and establish an effective presence on social media.

Team Photo

Team Photo

Fact Box
  • Study Program: Nonprofit, Social & Healthcare Management
  • Team: Annika Emslander, Lisa Heim, Pia Kohte, Antonella Röder
  • Supervisor(s): Jolanda Baur
  • Partner Organisation: pro mene tirol
  • Year project was carried out: 2023

Partner Statement
"Thank you for your dedication and collaboration! We look forward to implementing the recommendations. The “Mental Health First Aid” course holds immense importance given the current challenges. Your commitment contributes to better tailoring the offering to the young adult target audience. We are grateful for your support and confident that implementing the recommendations will enhance our reach and the course's benefits.”

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