Toads & Months- Development of a Fundraising Strategy for the Target Group Companies for the Association Mukta Nepal

As part of the project, a fundraising strategy was developed for the Mukta Nepal association to attract companies as long-term resource providers.

Nepal is far behind on the way to an education system that provides equal opportunities. The goal of the Mukta Nepal association is to support nepalese children on their educational path in the long term. This requires regular inflows of funds. Companies can be important providers of resources. However, generating donations has become competitive in the marketplace. Therefore it is important for charitable organizations to have a suitable fundraising strategy.

The association should consider working with sustainable tour operators who offer trips to Nepal. This would be a sustainable strategy, due to the continuously increasing trend towards sustainable travel. A donation cycle can also be created. The customers of the company could become possible private donors. There is the chance to build up a donation community that is emotionally connected to the country of Nepal and has the potential to grow steadily. For the association Mukta Nepal it is essential to build up personal relationships with all possible stakeholders. The basis of a good fundraising strategy is also a precise planning. This includes drawing up a contract, finding common values/connection points, and regulating the possible obligation to provide proof to the companies.

Group Photo

Group Photo

Fact Box
  • Study Program: Nonprofit, Social,- and Health Care Management
  • Team: Selina Reichholf, Hannah Rieger and Julia Bachl
  • Supervisor(s): Lukas Kerschbaumer, Margit Schäfer and Nils Mevenkamp
  • Partner Organisation: Mukta Nepal e.V.
  • Year project was carried out: 2023

Partner Statement
“Thanks to this great cooperation, new perspectives for action are opening up for our association Mukta Nepal e. V.. At Mukta Nepal e. V., we are all volunteers and our time resources are particularly limited. Therefore, the findings of the project team are a significant support in terms of future fundraising strategies and can help us to enter into long-term donation cooperations with other organizations. We would like to express our sincere thanks to Julia Bachl, Hannah Rieger and Selina Reichholf. Thank you for taking on this task with motivation and commitment and for making a contribution!”

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