Tyrolean social market - in the field of conflict between poverty reduction and food rescue

Creation of a network map including a detailed brochure with descriptions of the companies and organizations represented. A website with a tab about the project work was developed and made available to TiSo. In addition, six interviews with potential donors were conducted.

The Tyrolean social market "TiSo"is facing the challenge that due to inflation more and more people are becoming potential customers and are dependent on the offer of the social market. As a result, a larger quantity of food is needed, for which new food donors and cooperations must be acquired. In addition, there is an urgent lack of space for the storage of donated food and in the sales area.

Based on the interviews with retailers and producers, their attitudes towards food waste as well as existing cooperations with companies and organizations committed to food rescue could be ascertained. The original goal of generating potential donors for TiSo could only be achieved to a limited extent.

Furthermore, a network map (online and as a leaflet) was developed, which gives an overview of relevant companies and organizations in the field of tension between food rescue and poverty alleviation through food rescue. This was accompanied by a brochure describing each company and organization in more detail, as well as their scope and target audience. Originally intended as an assignment about our project, a website was designed due to demand from the Social Market, which will be made available to Ms. Landauer and the TiSo team in the long term.

Group Photo

Group Photo

Fact Box
  • Study Program: Nonprofit- Social- & Health Care Management
  • Team: Lea Astner, Leonie Kollmar, Angelika Trickl
  • Supervisor(s): Frau Dr. Margit Schäfer, Herr Dr. Lukas Kerschbaumer
  • Partner Organisation: TiSo - Tiroler Sozialmarkt
  • Year project was carried out: 2023

Partner Statement
After one semester of cooperation with the three students of the study program Nonprofit, Social and Health Management Leonie Kollmar, Lea Astner and Angelika Trickl concerning the Tyrolean social market the following problem was dealt with: Tyrolean social market in the field of tension between poverty reduction and food rescue.Among other things, the three students conducted interviews with companies and also worked practically in order to get to know the processes in the social market better. Through their intensive commitment they were able to produce a very good result and the cooperation with all three students was extremely pleasant. Their reliability and their pleasure in this project work was an extremely pleasant experience for me as project manager on the part of the market. At this point, I would like to thank the three young ladies and also Dr. Margit Schäfer for the great cooperation!

Mag. Michaela Landauer
Tyrolean Social Market

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