November 24th 2023

FREE Eye Screening for MCI students

Come and have your vision tested with Essilor!

EssilorLuxottica is the world leader in the design, manufacture, and distribution of ophthalmic lenses, frames, and sunglasses. Formed in 2018 from the Essilor and Luxottica groups, the company brings together the complementary expertise of two industry pioneers, one in advanced lens technology and the other in iconic eyewear craftsmanship, to create a vertically integrated company uniquely positioned to meet the world's evolving vision needs.

EssilorLuxottica's mission is to give voice to vision and respond to the world's growing needs, address consumers' changing lifestyles, and find new ways to reach the 2.5 billion people who suffer from uncorrected low vision and the 6 billion people who do not protect their eyes from harmful rays.

As part of the Career Partnership, EssilorLuxottica invites all MCI students to a free eye screening.

The following measurements will be considered:

  • General vision test (same as for driver’s license)
  • Wave Analyzer & Auto Refracto Keratometer (ametropia)
  • Stereotest (strabismus)
  • Color vision (color weakness)

The campaign is carried out as a standardized screening in the Apollo refraction truck and is supplemented by a subsequent individual consultation (recommendation by a master optician from Essilor, Apollo/Pearle and, if necessary, further examination by an optician or ophthalmologist).

Duration per screening: approx. 15 minutes + subsequent individual consultation

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