Living in Innsbruck

Innsbruck is a very popular city for students. This means that finding accommodation in Innsbruck can be very time consuming and is not always easy. Especially at the beginning of the fall semester. Students usually have to contact multiple housing providers before finding an accommodation.

Nevertheless, students who are willing to invest considerable effort will be able to find a room in a shared apartment or a studio or a student dorm.

The majority of the students find their accommodation in Innsbruck before their arrival. This is very much recommended. Therefore, please make sure to apply for your accommodation as soon as you get your confirmation of your study place. As already mentioned, finding housing in Innsbruck is very competitive & student dorms fill up very fast

If you know friends or other students from your university that have studied at the MCI, try to contact them in order to get useful tips.

House rent benefits

Information on house rent benefits of the City of Innsbruck can be found here.

Tips & Tricks
  • ATTENTION fraud! - No payment before apartment viewing
    For more details have a look at "Student accommodation service" below.
  • Apply for your accommodation as soon as you get your acceptance letter. Housing in Innsbruck is very competitive & student dorms fill up very fast
  • Use Facebook groups to find find room mates
  • Some youth hostels offer accommodation for a few days

We are happy to present to you the student dormitories in and around Innsbruck in the following flyer and wish you all the best for searching and choosing your accommodation!

Flyer Dormitories ( pdf | 6.70M | )

Important information:

  • Student dorms fill up very fast
  • Deposit: Please note that it is very common, that the student dorms ask you for a deposit. This is a normal process. It can be up to two monthly rents.
  • You can be sure that the student dorms mentioned in the dormitory flyer are legit providers.

Please find the location of each student dorm on the following map:

The Austrian Agency for International Mobility and Cooperation in Education, Science, and Research (OeAD) arranges rooms in student dormitories for a small monthly fee. This is the easiest and most convenient way for exchange students to find relatively inexpensive housing. For this service the OeAD student housing charges a service fee and a registration fee. Student dorms (also via OeAD) fill up fast, especially in the fall semester and single rooms are highly coveted. We recommend that students apply very early.

Please follow this link to apply for a room in a student dorm via OeAD. Select Innsbruck as your destination. Important: Your application for a room will only be processed after you have transferred the registration fee to OeAD!

At some point, you will also be asked to upload your letter of acceptance. If you have not successfully completed your online application yet, you can upload the nomination e-mail (“Your nomination for study exchange at MCI Innsbruck”) in the meantime and add the letter of acceptance to their platform once you have received it.

After you have applied for a room, OeAD will process your booking and send you a booking offer by email. Once you have received this offer, you have to pay a deposit. You may still cancel your booking within two weeks and will get your deposit back without any service charges from OeAD. After that period, your booking is binding. Please carefully read the terms and conditions on OeAD's website. To secure a room, please apply for a room early and pay the deposit immediately!

OeAD will assign many students to a dormitory of the WIST association (Wirtschaftshilfe für Studenten). This association runs several dormitories across Innsbruck, and you can indicate to which of these dormitories you would like to be assigned. Please be aware, that an earlier moving in date (before October 01 and March 01) at WIST is possible, but only if there are spare rooms. If you need a dorm room from September 01 onwards (rather than from October 01 onwards), please indicate this in your application to OeAD and choose a convenient hostel.

For more information please check out OeAD’s website or contact them directly:

OeAD student housing
Meinhardstraße 5/3/31
A-6020 Innsbruck
Tel.: +43 512 319 115 Fax: +43 512 319 114

Finding accommodation in Innsbruck

The Students Union (ÖH) at Innsbruck University keeps full and up-to-date lists of available flats, studio apartments etc. The service is available to both students and accommodation providers.

If you look for an accommodation at the ÖH Börse you might also search by using the following term: Zwischenmiete

The majority of the offered rooms at the ÖH Börse are rented for a longer period. In order to find short period offers, it is advisable to look for the word Zwischenmiete (interim rental/let). This word means that somebody is leaving his apartment for a short period of time and is looking for somebody to live there in the meantime.

Please note that everyone can post on this website, so there might be some cheaters!

In case of any questions, you can also contact the oeh mci student union:

ATTENTION fraud! - No payment before apartment viewing.

Due to recent incidents, we may inform you that in order to prevent you from being a victim of any scams or fraud, please make sure that you double check the offer (especially when it is a private offer).

You can be sure that the student dorms mentioned in the dormitory flyer are legit providers. We have collected some guidelines for any providers not mentioned in the dormitory flyer.

Some signs that an offer may NOT be legit:

  • The apartment has no exact address / house number, only a street name
  • The landlord urges you to make a payment/deposit (never make any large payments in advance)
  • The landlord gives you a foreign bank account (NEVER transfer any money to a non Austrian bank account. Austrian bank accounts start with “AT” – but again, never make large prepayments in advance)

In case you are not sure:

  • Check the address on google maps (does the street exist? And does the house number exist in this street? Can you see a house at the mentioned house number)
  • Check the photos with google picture search (do the same photos appear on other websites promoting a different room/apartment?)
  • on websites offering apartments: check the Imprint/Company details (Are they based in Innsbruck/Austria? Is it an “.at” website?)

You can also try one of the online accommodation agencies (Please be aware that some agencies may charge brokerages):

flatm is a platform for students to find flatmates to live joyfully together anywhere in the world. Are you still looking for a flatmate to flatshare with?

Join the movement

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MCI holds contracts with several hotels granting MCI students special terms and conditions. Please make sure to announce your MCI student status or any other affiliation you have with MCI when booking your room.

Click here for a list of our Partner Hotels.

If students need a place to stay for a few days, they can book a reasonably priced room in one of the following youth hostels:

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