Best tips to stay fit and healthy at uni

  1. Get Appy
  2. Walk to uni
  3. Join university sports teams
  4. Play free sports
  5. Home workouts
  6. Cut out junk food
  7. Carry a bottle of water
  8. Get more sleep
  9. Go to the gym frequently … and sneakily

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Motivation in your studies: this is how you can do it!

  1. Enjoy previous successes
  2. Motivation board: Visualize goals and success
  3. Small steps for big tasks
  4. Share your success and your goals with other people
  5. Take a break
  6. The motivation to start
  7. Solutions for motivation robbers
  8. Group work – get inspired and motivated
  9. Find your own strategy to stay motivated

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Time management

Time management for students: 10 strategies and tips to maximize your time and build your focus

  1. Use a daily schedule template to plan your day
  2. Understand how you’re currently spending your time
  3. Set proper goals to measure your progress
  4. Break large projects into small, actionable tasks
  5. Beware the Planning Fallacy
  6. Follow your body’s natural energy highs and lows
  7. Take breaks at the right time
  8. Beat procrastination with the 5-minute rule
  9. Optimize your study time for Flow
  10. Build better habits and routines for long-term success

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9 tips on how to overcome test anxiety

  1. Be prepared
  2. Get to know the situation that makes you anxious
  3. Work on your self-confidence
  4. Teach someone
  5. Outsmart yourself
  6. Establish a consistent study routine
  7. Lose the cheat sheet
  8. Try relaxation techniques
  9. Think about last minute tips against panicking

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pdfStaying calm and confident in oral exams

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