MCI Community Service

Projects for the common good

At MCI, we support and encourage our students' sense of social responsibility and voluntary commitment. As a long-standing signatory of UN PRME and co-founder of the PRME Chapter DACH, it is particularly important to us to prepare students for their professional lives as responsible managers and specialists with a pronounced understanding of values and a solid ethical basis.

In addition to other initiatives, we offer a range of opportunities to get involved with the community, which students can take advantage of both as part of their regular studies and through extracurricular activities.

What opportunities do students have?

The MCI offers a range of opportunities to get involved in community activities and projects. These include:

  • Researching a relevant topic within the framework of the Bachelor's or Master's thesis
    Working on topics and questions for the direct benefit of non-profit organisations or other organisations working for the common good within the framework of the Bachelor's or Master's thesis.
  • Internship with a non-profit organization or other charitable organization.
    Students can complete their internship with a non-profit organization or other charitable organization.
  • Volunteering (Badge Volunteering)
    Volunteering in associations or networks that serve the common good promotes the acquisition of many important skills and can be a decisive advantage when you apply for a job. MCI students who engage in volunteer work (unpaid activity in which they help a charity or non-profit organization) amounting to at least 60 hours can receive the MCI Engagement Badge „Volunteer


MCI Community Projects

PRME #responsibleMCI

Why Community Service?

Through their involvement in projects and activities for the common good, students have the opportunity to:

  • transfer and apply the knowledge acquired in class to specific work situations, and to acquire additional skills in the process
  • learn more about their community
  • connect with a meaningful network of people and organizations
  • develop their communication, team and leadership skills
  • gain work experience & develop a career advantage
  • give something back to the community.

Social Entrepreneurship

As the "Entrepreneurial School", the MCI also supports entrepreneurial activities of our students which aim to find innovative, sustainable and pragmatic solutions to social problems or to create social advantages by means of innovative services or products. We work together with relevant organizations to motivate aspiring social entrepreneurs and to provide them with the necessary knowledge to excel.


Supporting organizations & measures

Impact Hub Tirol inspires, connects and supports motivated people to develop and implement impact-oriented ideas.

The Social Impact Award supports prospective social entrepreneurs in the development and implementation of their innovative ideas.

The MCI Creativity Award selects and awards outstanding and innovative business ideas submitted by MCI students – why not pitch for a business idea that serves a good cause?

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