Mental Health | Myself as a Resource: Activating my Own Potentials

Target group

Students of all faculties wishing to:

  • work on themselves and transform
  • come in touch with and/or get closer to their feelings
  • explore their (unknown) resources and potentials
  • break with old habits and build more meaningful ones
  • better understand themselves and others



  • Mindfulness and self-awareness as tools to read, understand, manage one’s emotions
  • (Self-)Empathy and resonance through active listening
  • Intuitive/creative writing as a way of knowing, understanding, finding about oneself
  • Conscientious shift of perspective regarding (one’s) mental health
  • (Self-)Empowerment



[I]f we explore new territory in terms of expressing ourselves,
we can begin to think differently too
(Fritz, 2012, p. 34).

The purpose of this workshop is to offer a safe space in which you can consciously take time for yourself, connect to and express your feelings and needs, gain awareness of the multiple resources you have in yourself, turn what you may consider as “weakness” into strength and potential, and feel empowered.

Short Facts
  • Date: 17. + 18.12.2024, 5.30 – 8.45 pm
  • Format: Face-to-Face - Seminar, 2 x 4 TU
  • Costs: EUR 20,-
  • Lecturer: Isabelle Guibert
  • Group size: max. 12 participants
  • Methodology Participatory learning | Teaching approaches involving mind, body, spirit, heart | Self-exploration, self-expression, self-reflection
  • Language: English
  • Venue: MCI I, Universitaetsstrasse 15

Registration for this career event starts on September 20, 2024!

Online Registration

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