English Communication & Intercultural Competencies (M&R-B-3-B_18-EIC-PS)

  • Bachelorstudiengang Management & Recht
Kennzahl der Lehrveranstaltung
  • M&R-B-3-B_18-EIC-PS
Niveau der Lehrveranstaltung laut Lehrplan
  • Bachelor
  • Fall 2024
Semester in dem die Lehrveranstaltung angeboten wird
  • 3
Anzahl der zugewiesenen ECTS-Credits
  • 4.0
Name des/der Vortragenden
  • Galvin Brian
  • Mag. Dr. Schrott Sabine
Lernergebnisse der Lehrveranstaltung
  • Derzeit nur in Englisch verfügbar
    English Communication
    Participants will be able to negotiate in business scenarios, perform in job interviews negotiate in business scenarios, perform in job interviews and confidently and effectively write a personal profile, a CV and a letter of application for a job, while consolidating and improving their language skills to C1 level.

    Intercultural Competencies
    Cultural understanding builds on a solid foundation in which students are familiar with definitions of culture, different approaches to national cultural characteristics and differences (emic/etic) and prominent concepts (e.g. Hall, Hofstede, GLOBE and Schein). and Schein). The students are thus made aware of peculiarities, "stumbling blocks", "do's and don'ts", conventions and customs of other cultures.
    They can take these into account when communicating with foreign business partners to avoid irritations and establish successful business relationships. successful business relationships.
Art der Veranstaltung
  • face-to-face
empfohlene optionale Programmeinheiten
  • Derzeit nur in Englisch verfügbar
  • Derzeit nur in Englisch verfügbar
    English Communication I:
    Through regular teacher/student and peer-to-peer discussions on current economic topics, business-specific vocabulary is developed and applied. In addition, job interviews and the compilation of relevant documents for applications are practiced. Language skills at C1 level can be consolidated and improved in order to prepare for the language requirements of professional life.

    Intercultural Competencies:
    - Effects of globalization on economic life
    - Concepts and definitions of culture
    - Cultural differences and peculiarities
    - Intra- and intercultural communication
    - Cultural characteristics of spoken language
    - Non-verbal communication in an intercultural context - touch, distance, eye contact, facial expressions, gestures, understanding of time
empfohlene Fachliteratur
  • Derzeit nur in Englisch verfügbar

    Comfort, J. (1996), Effective Presentations. Oxford University Press.

    Hofstede, G. (2011). Dimensionalizing cultures: The Hofstede model in context. Online
    readings in psychology and culture, 2(1), 1-26. https://doi.org/10.9707/2307-

    Murphy, R. (2019). English Grammar in Use (5th ed.). Cambridge University Press.

    Schein, E. H. (2017). Organizational culture and leadership (5th ed.). John Wiley & Sons.
    Waite, M. (2013). Oxford Paperback Thesaurus (4th ed.). Oxford University Press.

    Business Spotlight
    Cross Cultural Management: An International Journal
    International Journal of Cross Cultural Management
    The Economist
Lehr- und Lernformen
  • Derzeit nur in Englisch verfügbar
    The course comprises an interactive mix of lectures, discussions and individual and group work.
  • English
  • none

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